What Happened…

On October 7th I woke up and my eye had swelled up a tad and was pink inside. Thinking it was just a sty or at worst, pink eye (conjunctivitis), I went to my local ZoomCare. The doctor I saw there confirmed what I had feared at the time, it was indeed pink eye. “Here are some drops and it should be all cleared up by the end of the week” I was told. The eye got worse over the next two days, but by the end of the week, the antibiotic eye drops finally began to do the job and my eye was nearly recovered by the weekend. All of the reading I had done on conjunctivitis fell in line with what was occurring with me, so I felt the worst had passed.

I figured it would be fine to travel up to Seattle for the University of Oregon vs. University of Washington football game that Saturday, the 12th. Near the conclusion of the game, my eye began to swell up again, and my vision started to fade. Within hours of the final whistle, my vision was entirely gone in my left eye. The next morning I went to the ER at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle and they quickly admitted me to the hospital to begin running a number of tests. This continued throughout the week because none of the specialist’s or doctors could figure out how and why this had occurred. In all, I spent six days at the Swedish Medical Center, where the following was done:
• CT scan on brain
• Ultrasound of the heart
• Blood test for AIDS
• Surgery on left eye
• Eye drops administered every hour, all day, all week, sometimes every half an hour
• Flu shot
• Pickline inserted into right arm for IV’s to be administered at home once I was released

Needless to say, this all took a quite a toll on me. I lost weight, had a lot of blood drawn, and didn’t sleep for more than a few hours here and there the entire week. Even after all of the tests were ran and the doctors had the results, no real conclusions have come to the surface. We’re still not entirely sure what I contracted or how and why I got contracted it. The doctors also discovered I may have an auto immune disease which only thickens the plot.

More tests need to be run to come to a conclusion on this as well. I was finally released from the Seattle hospital on the night of the 18th and have been recovering in Oregon City since. I’ve began meeting my new team of doctors this week, which include an ophthalmologist, an infectious disease doctor and a rheumatologist. So far, the news hasn’t been pretty. There still hasn’t been many answers concerning what, why and how, plus I’ve been told that the migraines I’ve been suffering as a result of all of this won’t subside until I have the eye removed.

Which brings me back to the eye. It has remained on the disabled list since the fourth quarter of the football game and I’ve been told I’ll never have vision in it again. I can handle that, but what scares me most of all, are the uncertainties around how this all happened to begin with. I’ve got to remain patient and let the doctors do their work.


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